Friday, 21st June 2024


Everything about Chazaq is unique. Let's start at the beginning, when our founder, Yaniv Meirov at the tender age of 15 wrote and distributed weekly Torah newsletters. His brother, Rav Ilan noticed that Yaniv's newsletter needed a big brother's help so they joined hands in working together.

Yaniv is a man of passion and he and his brother wanted to educate their community. The first lecture arranged was with a young dynamic speaker. Anticipating a crowd of 20, Yaniv and Rav Ilan were overjoyed as they welcomed over 500 people at their very first event, and Chazaq was born!


Our Mission

From Children to teens, singles to couples, millennials to baby boomers and for our cherished seniors, Chazaq offers programming for all!

One of Chazaq's many missions is to offer after school programs for Jewish children in public schools and imbue them with the richness of their religious, historical, and cultural heritage with the hopes of helping them find a Yeshiva that fits their learning capabilities.

Chazaq embraces each child with unconditional support and individualized attention helping each one reach his/her fullest potential.

Chazaq's mission is both a domestic and global effort, which puts a large emphasis on sparking the love of Torah through education in communities near and far.