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Great Neck Community

Thanks a million for all the great work you do! I have attended so many of your programs and lectures in Queens and now you have brought your amazing work to the Great Neck community. We truly appreciate all the help, concern, and care you have extended towards us and we look forward to more of your programs in the near future. Tizku Lemitzvot!
Posted By: Adina
Great Neck
Appreciating our Wealth

Thank you for providing such an informative magazine. Your monthly series with Rabbi Benzion Shafier is truly inspirational. If everyone would take their time digesting his writings on appreciating what we have, we would not have the depression that is unfortunately rampant in our generation. Thanks so much and continue your amazing work.
Posted By: Talia D.
Forest Hills, NY.
Public Thank

I would like to publicly salute Yaniv Meirov for all the amazing work he does in the community through CHAZAQ. Every time I see him, he is on the move - arranging inspirational lectures for the community, handing out Torah CDs, and talking to teenagers on the streets.

With all his running around, Hashem planted a beautiful idea in his head: the CHAZAQ magazine. The magazine is truly getting better and better each time. There is so much inspirational and beneficial information for people of all ages: from articles to the advertisements of Kosher restaurants, to the traffic violation section.

I'd also like to make mention of Yaniv's brother, Rabbi Ilan. I've been coming to the Men's learning program in the Beth Gavriel Center since I was a teenager. Learning at this program together with him has really opened my interest in a Torah way of life. I can honestly say that learning Torah is the best thing that ever happened to me. There is so much to say about the beauty of the Torah, that I would need another hundred pages to explain just the tip of it. This program has helped shape me into the religious Jew I am today, having celebrated my wedding only months ago.

It's unbelievable how many Jews are coming back to Judaism thanks to all the dedicated staff members of CHAZAQ. G-D bless them all and may they have the strength to continue their great work.
Posted By: Imanuel Ibragimov
Flushing, NY
Change the Face of the Community

I wanted to thank you for all the inspiration you give me and my family. Your magazine is fabulous and the daily programs you provide are changing the face of the community. Chazaq u'baruch and may Hashem give you the strength to continue strong!
Posted By: Oksana A.
Queens, NY
Appreciating our Wealth

Rabbi Shafier's monthly series in CHAZAQ magazine entitled "Appreciating our Wealth" is truly a precious gem. In a generation where everything is accessible, why are we witnessing so much depression? Why are divorce rates rising? Why are so many children unhappy with life? Rabbi Shafier touches on all the reasons for this, and I thank you very much for presenting it to the public.  I encourage everyone to read these articles. They truly are life altering material.
Posted By: Sarit L.
KGH, Queens
Lesson for All

I would like to comment on the special tribute to the Saba family that was printed in the issue 11 of the CHAZAQ magazine. Having read many articles about the family and hearing several eulogies as well, I believe that this tragedy is yet another wake up call to Jewish communities around the world. Everyone must take this calamity to heart and realize that we have a purpose in this world and we don't know how long we can be here to fulfill that purpose. Although the Sabas were multi-millionaires, they nevertheless didn't lose focus on what life is truly all about. Their love and commitment for the Torah and its scholars was legendary. Their love and concern for all is something we must emulate. To fill the void they have left would be difficult and probably impossible. The least we could do though, is analyze whether we are fulfilling our mission in our lives. Are we treating others with the proper respect? Are we giving charity to those in need? Are we exerting all our energy to be the best Jews we can be?  Life is too precious to waste on mundane matters. Torah and Mitzvot is all we take with us after we leave this world.  May their memory be blessed.
Posted By: Yehuda S.
Brooklyn, NY
As one who has been inspired time and time again by the lectures you organize and familiar with many young men that have changed through the Men's Learning Program [at the Beth Gavriel Center], I think the community as a whole should unite in supporting your amazing work.

I recently spoke to a young couple who were both non-observant Jews a short while ago. Today they live a life of Torah and Mitzvot thanks to your inspirational programs.

Keep up the great work.
Posted By: Name Withheld Rego
Park, Queens
I wanted to praise you on a job well done. I was in attendance on the night you hosted Rabbi Asher Kushner, and to see hundreds of people attend a lecture in Russian was truly a great Kiddush Hashem. Communism did a lot to tear the Torah away from our Russian brethren and it's great to see CHAZAQ allocate some of their time and money to inspire Russian Jews who unfortunately are many times forgotten. Keep up the great work and thanks for publishing such a wonderful magazine.
Posted By: Osnat R.
Brooklyn, New York
Enters My Heart
I am a big fan of CHAZAQ Magazine. What you guys do is unbelievable. I especially like your series of articles on parenthood and the relationship children have with their parents. I often find this pressing issue neglected and ignored. Your writer does a superb job in conveying the right attitude we must have for our parents. I feel that his writing emanates from his heart. It then enters mine. Thank You.
Posted By: Sal Meir
Queens, New York
I was recently shopping at a local supermarket and while waiting on line, I picked up a copy of CHAZAQ Magazine. I got home, sat down and read the entire magazine from cover-to-cover. Never have I been SO inspired! Thank you and please keep the publication free when it becomes an even bigger hit!
Posted By: Elisheva G.

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