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My Son is a Regular at Your Events
I have heard so many great things about your organization. My son is a regular at your events and he always makes sure to take some friends who need some Chizuk along with him. The entire community truly owes you a big Yasher Koyach. I don't know of too many community-based organizations that have touched the lives of Yidden of different backgrounds the way you have. Keep up the great work in developing a better future for Klal Yisroel.
Posted By: Yehuda L.
I must say you are doing an amazing job. I have watched CHAZAQ grow over the past three years and I feel a big sense of pride knowing that there is such a wonderful organization spreading Torah in Queens. I constantly complain to my friends and teachers how everything Jewish is always happening in places such as Brooklyn, Monsey, Far Rockaway, and Lakewood. It's about time to make Queens a strong Torah center. All the wonderful programs, now this magazine - you are blowing me away. CHAZAQ, CHAZAQ, V'nitchazek! B''H you are doing very well and I must congratulate you for all your hard work.
Posted By: Kew Gardens
Can't wait ...
The magazine is so great. It is very entertaining, educational, and interesting. I can't wait until the next one comes out.
Posted By: Diana Nassimi
Thank You
I wanted to simply thank you for all the great programs you provide for our community. Although I am of Ashkenazi background, I can honestly say that CHAZAQ has built such a beautiful environment that makes everyone feel at home. Your work ought to be emulated by other organizations. As Rabbi Krohn emphasized at a CHAZAQ event, the Achdus (unity) CHAZAQ has created is simply a great Kiddush Hashem.   
Posted By: Devorah L.
Great Job

Hello, I have been living in Queens for nearly 30 years. I have seen drastic changes since I have moved here and I am sure there will be many more in the years to come. But I must share this with you. My granddaughter is in law school and Judaism hasn't played much of a role in her life. She still is a very sweet girl and, boruch hashem, is very successful in all her studies, but she has become increasingly secular over the past decade. She was over by my house for Chanukah and we had a copy of the CHAZAQ magazine which was delivered to my door. She took a glance at it and eventually read all the material from cover to cover. She then told me "Grandma, these beautiful ideas in life can only be found in the Torah." To hear that from her made my Chanukah very special. This past week she gave me a call and asked me to send her a copy every month.         
Thank you and best wishes
Posted By: Happy Grandmother
Thank you so much
On behalf of all my friends, I would like to thank CHAZAQ for providing so many amazing programs for the entire community. My friends and I, all from Queens, have gradually changed our lives thanks to CHAZAQ. One of them, who was anti-religion and was particularly opposed to Jewish laws pertaining to married women, actually decided to cover her hair recently. Now she is "brainwashing" the rest of us with this Mitzvah. Keep up the great work and "Tel-choo Mi'Chayil el Chayil
Posted By: Sarah Princess
Queens, NY

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