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Mechazek Jews Worldwide

Translated from Hebrew:

Shalom CHAZAQ. You should continue to be Mechazek Jews around the world. Chazaq Baruch and kol Toov!

Posted By: Yossi N.
Bnei Brak, Israel
More Chizuk
I was at the CHAZAQ Event with Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein this past month and it was truly a wonderful and inspirational lecture. Thanks for all the Chizuk you provide for the entire community and may Hashem bless you all with much more success in the upcoming year.
Posted By: Yael R.
Kew Gardens Hills, Queens
Saving Our Youth
I am proud to say that I have volunteered for CHAZAQ on a regular basis and I am witness to the revolution they have made and particularly with taking youth off the streets. We should all join in on this great cause and help them any way that we could! Shanah Tova to you and all of Kla Yisrael!
Posted By: Anonymous
Forest Hills, Queens
Sweet and Healthy New Year
I have seen the CHAZAQ Magazine all over New York (I travel a lot) and thought this would be a great way to wish all my friends a sweet and healthy new year! May we all have the merit to build a Bayis Ne'eman B'yisroel!
Posted By: Adina L.
Brooklyn, New York
Hi, my family really enjoys your magazine. I particularly enjoy reading it in the park while my children are playing. Though I wish you could publish it weekly. It might be difficult but you could at least try! Thanks
Posted By: Marina A
Forest Hills, Queens
Great magazine! Great programs! And a Big Yasher Koach!
Posted By: Yossi T
KGH, Queens
Icing on the Cake
I just wanted to let you know that we truly appreciate all the programs you provide. Your magazine is like the icing on the cake. Keep up the great work, and I encourage everybody to support CHAZAQ in their very holy work!
Posted By: Dina Eliyahu
Queens, New York
Congrats on all the great work you do. My family really enjoys your magazine. It gets better and better with each issue.
Posted By: Sharona S.
Kew Garden Hills, Queens
CHAZAQ is now in Brooklyn? Take it easy! Doesn't the "Q" stand for Queens? Just kidding! Thank you for all the great programs you provide to ALL of us.

Send in some more copies of the magazine....Everyone is grabbing it! Plus the people here, Boruch Hashem, have larger families.
Posted By: J.J.
Brooklyn, New York
After seeing photos of CHAZAQ programs in the first few issues of the magazine, I actually decided to check out a CHAZAQ program in person. You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, seeing CHAZAQ in action is a million times greater!

I was by the event they organized for Israeli's featuring Rabbi Noach Hertz, a former IDF soldier held captive by Syria for nearly a year, and Ehud Banai, a renowned singer who is a recent ba'al teshuva. What I saw that evening was incredible. There were literally scores of non affiliated Jews gathered together and getting a dose of inspiration. That evening was so touching, that I even suggested having a seating area for people who don't speak Hebrew because they would have been inspired by simply seeing the faces of those in attendance.

Keep up the great work!
Posted By: Yochi S.
Kew, Gardens, Queens

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